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One Bag

69.95 each

Single Detox



A one-bag supply of SkinnyFit Detox Energizing Tea Blend is perfect for the first-time SkinnyFit user or if you’re only buying for yourself. This 28-day supply helps you jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Of course, you’ll want to pair your all-natural detox routine with clean eating and light exercise for best results. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings.

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Two Bags

44.98 each

2 Detox Bags



Want to do an all-natural detox with a friend? The two-bag supply of SkinnyFit Detox works best for sharing or if you want to take the Detox twice a day to beat that afternoon slump! Best of all, you get it at a reduced price! Don’t forget to pair your detox routine with a healthy meal plan and regular physical activity. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings.

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2 Bags / Month at 89.95 Per Month
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Three Bags

41.32 each

3 Detox Bags



The ultimate bang for your buck. This 3-bag set of SkinnyFit Detox Energizing Tea Blend is great to share with bigger groups– your squad, your office, your family! It’s also a great bundle to purchase to give out as gifts. The more, the merrier! For the best results, pair your detox with a healthy diet and your favorite exercise routine. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings.

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3 Bags / Month at 123.95 Per Month
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More SkinnyFit Products

Detox & Hunger Buster


Detox Tea 1 Bag + 1 Bottle Hunger Buster



This SkinnyFit Detox and Hunger Buster bundle helps you get your best results. Taking them together gives you cleansing benefits and boosts fat burn while curbing your cravings. Pair it with a healthy diet and an exercise routine and you’ll start feeling the results in no time. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings. Each bottle of Hunger Buster has 60 capsules.

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1 Bag + 1 Bottle / Month at 87.90 Per Month
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Hunger Buster


1 Bottle Hunger Buster



This 1-month supply of SkinnyFit Hunger Buster is perfect for anyone who needs to outsmart cravings. It gives you the extra push to reach your health goals. Show your cravings who’s boss, make healthy choices, and start feeling beautiful. Each bottle of Hunger Buster has 60 capsules.

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SkinnyFit Tea Bottle

Coming Soon

SkinnyFit Tea Bottle



Drink your SkinnyFit Detox Tea in style! This 24-oz water bottle is BPA-free. Perfect for taking your iced tea to go!

SkinnyFit Family

Coming Soon


Detox + Hunger Buster + Tea Bottle



Get the whole SkinnyFit family and get closer to your weight loss goals. Detox and Hunger Buster taken together help you supercharge your weight loss while curbing hunger. The SkinnyFit 24-oz BPA-free bottle is perfect for taking your detox tea while you work out, at work, or on the go. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings. Each bottle of Hunger Buster has 60 capsules.

Detox & Tea Bottle

Coming Soon


Detox 1 Bag + Tea Bottle



Kickstart your healthy lifestyle by making it easy to do an all-natural detox with this bundle. Take SkinnyFit Detox anywhere you go with the 24-oz BPA-free water bottle. Each bag of SkinnyFit Detox has 28 servings.

Hunger Buster & Tea Bottle

Coming Soon


Hunger Buster + Tea Bottle



Hydrate in style with this 24-oz BPA-free water bottle. Taking Hunger Buster plus taking in plenty of fluids helps you fight cravings and reach your weight loss goals faster. Each bottle of Hunger Buster has 60 capsules.

SkinnyFit’s Detox Program

Just one simple step!

You can reach your fitness goals, and the SkinnyFit Detox Program makes it easier than ever. Simply enjoy SkinnyFit Detox each morning before breakfast to cleanse your body of unwanted waste and toxins, decrease bloating and boost your energy.




SkinnyFit’s exclusive blend of Lemongrass, Ginseng, Sencha Green Tea and Goji Berries is packed with naturally cleansing ingredients to purify your body and kickstart your metabolism. Rich antioxidant levels promote healthy skin and boost immunity.

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The Brew With Benefits

It Works

Clears out toxins, minimizes bloating & revs up metabolism.

No Diets

Just better eating patterns & choices.

100% Natural

Fresh, whole tea leaves from select fields around the world.


Brew the perfect cup in just a few minutes every morning.

Why SkinnyFit?

Miss Florida US 2014
Tia McDonald

Simple - Just 1 Step

Just 1 Step. Save yourself the time of multi-step detox tea systems with just one bag of SkinnyFit Detox. Our unique blend is effective enough without a second nightly tea yet safe enough to use every day – no schedule necessary!

Decrease Bloating

Decrease Bloating. We’ve taken the time to research what works. SkinnyFit is made with not just one but several naturally slimming ingredients that are known to calm inflammation, reduce bloating and discomfort and increase thermogenesis.

100% Natural & Non-GMO

100% Natural & Non-GMO. Not only do our ingredients work – they’re good for you! We don’t use added sweeteners, artificial flavors or unnecessary additives to mask the genuine earthy flavors our teas create on their own.

What People are Saying about #SkinnyFit

Summer Priester


Miss United States 2015

So after indulging in Charleston today with a BBQ chicken potato & an espresso chip ice-cream cone. I am SUPER excited to try SkinnyFit Detox to get rid of toxins and cleanse my body. Bye Bye toxins & bloating, hello happy tummy!

Donna Brown


Mrs. Globe Classic 2015

Mrs. Globe 2016. I’m 52 years old and feeling amazing because of SkinnyFit Detox

Shelby Houlihan


Team USA Runner for Nike

It’s always tea time thanks to I drink it when I wake up to boost my metabolism and have more energy for workouts!! Plus it’s all natural #skinnyfitfriday

Raquel Fatiuk


Mrs. Texas United States 2016

Getting My on this Christmas Eve :)… It tastes soooo goood. Time to stay ahead of the holiday season.

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