SkinnyFit Reviews: Real Customers Share Honest Opinions About Products (Customer Spotlight)


Written by: Liz Brown - Aug. 23, 2019

SkinnyFit Reviews  

Here at SkinnyFit, we’re passionate about helping women reach their health, wellness, and beauty goals. Whether it’s with our premium products, our helpful and informative blog, our world-class customer service, or even through the support of our inspiring SkinnyFit Community, your goals are our goals and we’re committed to helping you become your best self!

Speaking of the SkinnyFit Community, if you aren’t already a member I strongly encourage you to join. The SkinnyFit Community is a safe space to ask questions, share your progress, and inspire other women who aspire to live healthier lives. But not only that, we encourage you to offer your suggestions, honest feedback, and share your SkinnyFit testimonials so we can continue to help you reach your goals with fresh content and new products—and trust me, we take your SkinnyFit reviews very seriously… In fact, some of our best ideas come from listening to the suggestions from our community! I mean, we’ve actually developed three brand new and delicious flavors of our best-selling Super Youth collagen just for you guys based on your feedback! Think of us as a brand of the people… you ask and we listen.😁

SkinnyFit Community

Needless to say, we LOVE our SkinnyFit community members and believe YOUR stories make a difference!💞With that said, we’ve handpicked real customers from our community page to share their journey and honest SkinnyFit review in hopes to inspire and encourage the rest of our community to reach their highest potential! They’re revealing their favorite SkinnyFit products, how they use them in their day-to-day life, their personal SkinnyFit reviews and feedback, and any results they’ve experienced since joining the SkinnyFit Community!

Customer Spotlight Stories:

Honest SkinnyFit Reviews & SkinnyFit Testimonials

Our Community Spotlight members were chosen for their incredible enthusiasm, positivity, and desire to inspire others within the SkinnyFit Community group. Here’s what they have to say about SkinnyFit… 

Customer Spotlight: Krista Little

Krista Little is from Washington State, is a mother of 4, and has been a SkinnyFit customer and community member since May 1, 2019. So far, Krista has lost 20 lbs using SkinnyFit products and is on track to reaching her goal weight by Christmas break! 

Krista Little SkinnyFit Customer Spotlight

1. What are your favorite SkinnyFit products?

“I use three SkinnyFit products daily! The Detox tea, The Super Youth Collagen, and the ZzzTox tea. These three SkinnyFit products are always a part of everything I drink in a day—whether it’s my continual re-brewing of the tea bags or to relax before bed and help put me to sleep, they are always in hand.”

2. What have your results been like since using SkinnyFit products? Which results are you most excited about?

“I have been excited about every result from using these products. As I have gotten older, I find that I am becoming less tolerant of dairy products (they cause such painful bloating for me now). But with Detox tea in-hand at mealtime, I can have my dairy and still control the bloat!… 

I have a bit of an overactive mind at times—being a mother of four (three of them being teenagers), my mind is constantly on the go. With all of that, I’ve found that I have trouble falling asleep at night and my mind has a hard time shutting off. I’ve tried going to bed earlier, but I would just lay there. I had my Detox tea for about one week when I decided that the ZzzTox was worth a try—it has been amazing! With everything in my body getting in balance, the ZzzTox just kicked it up a notch and helps me feel calm—and I swear it can put me to sleep before 30-minutes are up! I wake up most mornings before my alarm goes off and I feel rested and ready to take on the day!…

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It took me a little longer to try the Super Youth. I had been drinking the tea’s about 3 weeks or so before I decided to try the Super Youth collagen. I ordered the unflavored one and put it in my tea. I drink it with Detox in the morning and ZzzTox at night…  

It may sound cliche, but my nails are stronger and longer, my hair is smoother and growing, my arm cellulite is gone, and my inner thighs are looking better every day! When I started moving around more I noticed that my recovery time was amazing. Running stairs would have normally made me so sore the next day. But I haven’t had any of that since drinking the collagen! The first flavored Super Youth I have tried is the Tropical Punch… and OH MY GOODNESS I am in love!😍Rest assured, I will be getting more of that stuff! (I really hope it stays around for a while!)….

Alas, with all the above-mentioned results that I am excited about, I can add that since starting the SkinnyFit products on May 1st, I have lost 20 lbs! I still have 45 lbs more to go, but I am not slowing down anytime soon! If I continue at the rate I’ve been going, I should be at my goal weight by the time the kids get out for Christmas break!”

SkinnyFit products

3. What are some of your personal SkinnyFit recipes?

“The Blog is an amazing resource for recipes!

  1. I’ve got to say that the collagen gummies are the current FAV, especially with the Tropical Punch flavor!
  2. I did make a blackberry puree and added it to my Detox tea and it was OH SO GOOD!
  3. I add the Detox tea to just about anything with an “add water” instruction, but not that often. Most of the time I just drink it on its own—yep, I’ve been a tea drinker since way back!

Unfortunately, I have been pretty plain-Jane as far as adding products to recipes since they are all amazing on their own. But, I will have to jump on the blog and see what there is to offer. However, I am currently on the collagen gummy bandwagon and would like to order some Jump Start to make gummies with that! Perfect for a boost!”

4. What is your favorite way to stay active?

“I walk and ride a bicycle at least three times a week, minimum. In September, I am enrolled in a HIIT 90-day challenge I am looking forward to.”

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5. Is there any other feedback you’d like to share with the SkinnyFit Community?

“I feel that people are drawn to SkinnyFit in hopes of detoxing and/or weight loss. If I’m being honest, I was drawn with the hopes of weight loss, too. When you start using the products, there is just something that kicks in—they make you feel better and create the desire to start doing other things that are better for you, too. So, we start to eat better, move around more, and before we know it, we experience scale and non-scale victories! It’s definitely not a “get slim quick magic”, but the way the products make you feel encourages a whole new way of living.”

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