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Donna Brown


Mrs. Globe Classic 2015

52 and Feeling Amazing Thanks to SkinnyFit!

Dawn Winn


Nurse and Mom

I work 80 hours a week, and this seems to be the only thing that keeps me feeling refreshed. I haven’t gone a morning without it and already lost 15 pounds!

Shelby Houlihan


Professional runner for Nike

It’s always tea time thanks to @skinnyfit I drink it when I wake up to boost my metabolism and have more energy for workouts!! Plus it’s all natural #skinnyfitfriday

Tanisha Washington


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

Loving my daily ritual with @skinnyfit. Energy & metabolism boost. This tea is most effective in combination with the use of diet & exercise, and with these components, it’s such a great product! I’ve lost 103 lbs on my journey by switching to a healthy active lifestyle. 🙂  🇺🇸💕💕 #skinnyfitlove #skinnyfit

Alondra Garcia


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

I love drinking @Skinnyfit in the morning before breakfast. It helps with boosting my metabolism and helping my stomach get flat! #skinnyfitlove5

Savannah Lynx


Reality Star in “F in Fabulous” on BET

Morning love bugs! I’ve gotta admit that my exercise/diet hasn’t been ideal (I.e. pizza and wine have been my best friends lately). BUT this 28 day tea-tox has done wonders to keep my tummy flat despite my carb-o-loading 😊😊😊 check out @skinnyfit.me and grab a pack and see results for yourself!

Latoya Cary


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

SkinnyFit helps keep my tummy flat by boosting my metabolism and decreasing bloating! It’s no longer about being skinny it’s about being healthy! Staying focused and trusting the process. I’m working on me all day everyday💪 294 to 155 motivation!!!7

Vashti Cunningham


3x Gold Medalist, & Team USA High Jump Olympian

Loving my SkinnyFit Tea! #skinnyfitlove #skinnyfitfriday

Toonie Sydney


New Mom

Wow this @skinnyfit is so nice. I love it so much. Tastes so good. Let’s see what the difference it will make for my mummy belly in the next few weeks. One thing I know I feel so good after drinking it! #skinnfitlove #yogamom #10monthspostpartum

Sydney Soelberg


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

Good Morning to you! Since receiving my @skinnyfit tea, I have loved incorporating it into my morning routine. Not only is it tasty but it also flattens your tummy. What’s not to love about that? It helps wake me up and get me moving! I definitely recommend it!

Sieta Carrington


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

I’m in love with my SkinnyFit Detox Tea! I feel amazing with hella energy! (Down 54 pounds on her fitness journey!) #skinnyfitlove

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Summer Priester


Miss United States 2015

So after indulging in Charleston today with a BBQ chicken potato & an espresso chip ice-cream cone. I am SUPER excited to try SkinnyFit 28 Day TeaTox to get rid of toxins and cleanse my body. Bye Bye toxins & bloating, hello happy tummy!

Savannah Ames


SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

I have had it about 10 days and I got through my plateau at 206.3, and am currently at 195.2, which means I’ve made my 50 lb weight loss mark! I hit the 100’s again with the help of this stuff and was never able to get below 205! Everyone has been able to tell that I’ve lost weight in the last month.

Valeria Piazza


Miss Peru Universo 2016

Meet my new love, @SkinnyFit! I received it from USA and my teatox makes me feel healthier. It not only gives me energy in the morning but is helping me get in my best shape for Miss Universe.

Courtney Bowser

SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

So I started drinking @skinnyfit 3 weeks ago, and I have lost a total of 5 pounds. That’s 13 pounds in two months!!! I’ve changed my diet and started working out 3 or 4 times a week. The first picture was taken the beginning of May and the last picture was taken this morning. Still a lot of progress! @skinnyfit #skinnyfitlove #workinprogress

Raquel Fatiuk


Mrs. Texas United States 2016

Getting My @skinnyfit on this Christmas Eve :)… It tastes soooo goood. Time to stay ahead of the holiday season.

Kamala M.

SkinnyFit-ness Challenge Winner

I started skinny fit May 22nd and today is June 29th. I started the gym 20 days ago, one hour a day and a gallon of water a day with lemon lime cucumbers and oranges this product is amazing. #skinnyfitlove

Dana Vicols


Full-Time Mommy

Workout Done! Really focused on my legs today and Edward starts to copy me when I workout, he can do squats now and it’s the cutest thing ever. #Skinnyfitlove #Skinnyfitfriday

Casey Short


Pro Footballer

I am absolutely loving my tea from @skinnyfit.me , all natural, delicious and MUCH needed after the feast I had yesterday. #SkinnyFitFriday

Mee-Ladie Delgado


Miss United States 2016

I’m so thankful for my @skinnyfit 28 day tea tox…! The best way to keep my healthy lifestyle throughout my journey and busy schedule as Ms. United States! #skinnyfit #teatox #healthy22

Jessica Cribbon


International Model

I’m absolutely in love with @skinnyfit! This belly flattening, metabolism boosting tea has really helped me look and feel my best! #skinnyfit

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Becky Kagan Schott


Emmy Winning Cinematographer

Chilly 17f December day here in Philly, I’m staying warm and having some Skinnyfit all natural tea #skinnyfitfriday

April Lufriu


Mrs. World 2012

SkinnyFit Teatox gives me more reason to love tea! It detoxes the body, boosts immunity and ramps up metabolism! It’s super yummy too! @skinnyfit #skinnyfitlove

Molly Kreklow


Gold Medalist Team USA Volleyball

Excited to start my 28 day Teatox to keep me at my best this holiday season. I love the energy and metabolism boost this tea provides. Plus it taste great @skinnyfit #skinnyfitfriday

Helga Lovekaty


Fitness Model

Starting my day right with @skinnyfit! I drink this tea every morning right when I wake up to keep my tummy flat & loving my results already! #skinnyfitlove

Brooke Sweat


Gold Medalist Team USA Volleyball

I looooove me some tea! I drink @skinnyfit.me in the mornings to boost metabolism and keep me going through my workouts! Perfect way to start 2017! @skinnyfit #ilovetea

Lauren Gibbemeyer


Pro Volleyballer

What better way to overcome the holiday feasting than to partake in some post-practice yoga and tea time?! Excited to try this all natural and anti-oxidant rich tea by @skinnyfit #SkinnyFitFriday

Nicole Nieves


Olympic Gold Medalist Volleyball

Things that make me happy: the holidays, fall weather, and being able to get my body back on track after my thanksgiving feast! So excited to get on this skinny teatox to help with my bloating, energy, and to keep my body on the road to winning more gold medals! #SkinnyFitFriday #Pumped

Wendi Russo


Television Host

I love to start my day off with @skinnyfit. It’s my new secret weapon against bloating! It helps boost my metabolism, and it tastes super yummy too! #skinnyfitlove

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Lauren Rymer


Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2016

Energized and ready to take on this magical day with @skinnyfit. Anyone who knows me knows I have my tea every morning

Dr. Katiuska Rivera


Popular Beauty & Health Doctor

Take up exercise and morning tea. Can’t forget that. For those of you who ask me, I have really enjoyed this. It combines herbs and red fruits, ginseng, and green tea, which makes me feel more active and energized (and it helps me get rid of my caffeine addiction). I truly recommend this. It’s from @skinnyfit and they ship!

Moriah Haralson



This tastes sooooo good and I usually hate HOT tea. 28 day All Natural Teatox tea blend is so worth it and makes me feel so energized and clean.